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Loikamania 247.3 – Parting Words Part 3

Episode 247-3
The end is near, and Pat starts to make his way out of the world of podcasting. As he leaves that world behind, he encounters familiar voices, including former guests, friends and others. You’ll never know who Pat runs into as he makes his way out!

Cover design and illustration by Chris Maze.

Featuring James Viscardi (@JimViscardi), Travis Holyfield (@TravisHolyfield), Kelly Fitzpatrick (@WastedWings), Evan Valentine (@EVComedy) and Sanford Greene (@SanfordGreene).

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Loikamania 153: Sanford Greene


This week, Pat chats up illustrator Sanford Greene about his career in comics, and his upcoming foray into animation, 1000. We talk about art styles through the last few years, and why a more animated, cartoony look made it tougher to get into the comics biz. We then switch gears and talk about his Kickstarter campaign for his series of animated shorts, 1000. A really fun and eye opening chat about art and animation, so check it out!

Music by the Revengineers and MF Doom. Cover illustrated by Sanford Greene, design by Chris Maze.

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