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Loikamania 249.1 – Parting Words Part 7

Episode 249-1

The end is near, and Pat starts to make his way out of the world of podcasting. As he leaves that world behind, he encounters familiar voices, including former guests, friends and others. You’ll never know who Pat runs into as he makes his way out!

Cover designed and illustrated by Chris Maze.

Featuring Ramon Perez (@TheRamonPerez), Eric Canete (@EricCanete), Susan Damon (@BlooSusan), Jen Aprahamian (@JenniferMarie), Mark Brooks (@MarkBrooksArt) and Rick Remender (@Remender).

Loikamania 134: Bradshaw versus Opena.


This week, we try something a little different. I chat with TWO artists! Nick Bradshaw and Jerome Opena return to talk about art, storytelling in comics, the things we love about drawing and all kinds of fun stuff. We even throw some process talk in there, inking and digital talk and so much more!

Music by The Revengineers and Paper Tiger! Cover design by Chris Maze, art by Nick Bradshaw, Laura Martin, Jerome Opena, and Dean White!

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Loikamania 119: Rick Remender

This week, Rick Remender returns to the show to discuss the conclusion of his run on Uncanny X-Force and Secret Avengers,  as well as his upcoming plans for Uncanny Avengers and Captain America. We also talk about his upcoming creator-owned work with Paul Renaud, Devolution…and we even get some hints on his upcoming project with Greg Tocchini! And if that’s not enough, we even go through some process talk! Enjoy the show, and pick up a copy of book 1 of the Fear Agent Library, out now!

Cover art by John Cassaday and Laura Martin, design by Chris Maze.

Music by Steve Earnhart and Amon Amarth.

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Loikamania 112: End of an Era

As the final issues of Ed Brubaker’s Captain America, Matt Fraction’s Iron Man, Jonathan Hickman’s FF, and Kieron Gillen’s Uncanny X-Men and Journey Into Mystery hits the stands, Pat and Antonio talk about their favorite moments from this amazing era of Marvel Comics history. We delve into the aforementioned runs, as well as Rick Remender’s Uncanny X-Force, Brian Bendis’ Avengers and so much more. We discuss what makes these runs so special, and we even go through some listener comments. Be warned: there are HEAVY SPOILERS.

Plus, we take a quick look at what’s coming next in Marvel NOW, and get into which books excite us the most!

Music by Steve Earnhart and The Mountain Goats.

Cover art by Ed McGuinness, design by Chris Maze.

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Loikamania 110: Solo

Last week’s episode was a week late. You’ll find out why as Pat addresses a few things going on in his life. He follows it up by talking about some comics, like Uncanny Avengers 1, Batman 13, Age of Apocalypse 8, and the Valiant books! It’s a short episode this week, but it’s a little bit on the heavy side.

Music by Steve Earnhart and The National.

Cover art by John Cassaday and Laura Martin, cover design by Chris Maze.

Loikamania 093: Jerome Opena

This week, Pat is joined by one of his favorite illustrators, Jerome Opena. We talk about his beginnings in the comics business, some process talk, his many projects, and the evolution of what became his signature art style. We spend time on Uncanny X-Force, and gain hints on his next project. Plus, we answer listener questions…and bears. Yes, bears.

Music by Steve Earnhart and the XX. Cover illustration by Jerome Opena and Dean White, cover design by Chris Maze.

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Loikamania 045 – Rick Remender

This week, Pat and Adam get down and dirty with Rick Remender! We go through Rick’s comics career and talk about his current projects, including Uncanny X-Force and Bulletstorm! Plus, lots of process talk! Music by Steve Earnhart and Radiohead!

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loikamania 045 - Rick Remender

Reviews: Avengers # 13 & Uncanny X-Force # 10

Avengers # 13
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Pencils & Colors: Chris Bachalo
Inkers: Tim Townsend, Al Vey, Wayne Faucher
Letterer: Clayton Cowles

The Serpent is coming, and in this issue of Avengers we see the events from the beginning of Fear Itself from a different point of view.

One of Brian Michael Bendis’ strong suits is his ability to tell strong character driven stories in the middle of his big events. His tie-in books have always been focused on characters, and filling in gaps for bigger stories. This may be the first time since Civil War that Bendis gets to write a tie-in to another writer’s big event, and he uses it to progress the characters. He also uses the Oral History of the Avengers that has been running in the back of his two Avengers books as a storytelling device in the main story, as he uses it to frame the story. As always, his dialogue is superb, and he handles character interactions in a very enjoyable way. New developments involving two team-members can come across as being controversial, but I think it’s a nice change. My favorite bits from the issue are Spider-Woman and Ms. Marvel’s conversation, which was handled really well, since the two characters are established as long time friends, and the dialogue really shows it. Bendis’ humor is also present, and is always a joy to read.

Chris Bachalo is joined by a bevy of inkers for this issue, and he pulls out a tour de force performance. His facial expressions are fantastic, as well as the body language. His layouts are always fun, and he really got to show off what he can do in this issue. Speaking of which, Bachalo did colors for the issue as well. The high saturation of his color palette works perfectly with his pencils (which makes sense), it looks really good, and makes the characters seem bigger and larger than life. I’m not entirely sure which inkers worked on which pages, but the list of inkers on the book is a who’s who of some of the best in the biz, and they helped Bachalo in putting out a good looking book. Clayton Cowles’ letters are impeccable. Not once was I confused by the dialogue and wordballoon placement (you can’t be a lousy letterer if you’re working on a Bendis script).

While this issue is mostly set-up and dialogue, we are treated to some great character development, and the possibility of a new Avengers couple in addition to some beautiful art. Bendis puts a more human side to the big conflict in Fear Itself, and his great characterization gets you to invest in the characters, strengthening the main story in the main book.

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Uncanny X-Force # 10
Writer: Rick Remender
Artists: Billy Tan & Rich Elson
Colorist: Paul Mounts
Letterer: Clayton Cowles

The ramifications of the Shadow King’s attack are felt as Archangel’s problems get worse! This issue is the prologue to the Dark Angel saga, addressing the presence of Apocalypse’s programming in Archangel’s psyche which was worsened by the Shadow King’s tampering two issues ago.

You have to give Rick Remender a lot of credit for this book, for writing great characters who are all damaged, and forced to make difficult choices. He gives all his characters very distinct voices, distinct enough that you can tell who’s who based on the dialogue alone.  This is a very intense issue, as Remender intertwines the Archangel plot with the threat of the team being publicly outed in a very believable way. His characterization continues to be his strong suit as the big conflict of the issue took place, as some members of the team aren’t quite sure how to deal with the problem they’re facing…and how some are more than ready to do what has to be done. We are also left with a fantastic cliffhanger that fans of the 90’s X-Men will surely love.

The art team of Rich Elson, Billy Tan and Paul Mounts supply the visuals, and they do a tremendous job. Elson and Tan’s art styles are completely different, but Mounts tempers them, making the transitions between artists nearly seamless. Tan’s work continues to improve with this issue, where handled the action sequences. Elson’s sequences were great as well, and it got me excited to see what he’s capable of down the road. Paul Mounts, in my opinion, did most of the heavy lifting in the issue. Not only did he stick with the same palette that Dean White established in earlier issues, he used to great effect to keep the art looking consistent. Clayton Cowles, as always, does a great job with the page design and keeping the book together. Every bit of dialogue is at the right place and the book reads well.

Rick Remender and puts the team in a very compromising position in the beginning of the issue, and ends the book by putting them in a possibly worse situation. All in a day’s work for X-Force…which is a must read.

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Pat’s Picks for the week of 5/18

Here’s a list of books that I would highly recommend for this week, to be released on Wednesday, 5/18/2011. Keep in mind that some shops might not carry some items.

The Flash by Geoff Johns Omnibus, vol. 1. – Geoff Johns’ epic Flash run is finally being collected in two gigantic omnibus editions. This volume collects issues 164-176 and several one-shots, including The Flash: Iron Heights. The volumes features the art of Ethan Van Sciver, Scott Kolins and many more.

Batgirl: The Flood – I was never a big Batgirl fan. That said, Bryan Miller’s run on this title is highly enjoyable, and made a fan out of me. This current series is filled with great characterization and art. This collects issues 9 – 14 of the current series, features the Calculator and techno zombies! You can’t go wrong with this!


Uncanny X-Force # 10
– The Dark Angel saga begins, and things are about to get crazier in this book. Uncanny X-Force has been one of the best books Marvel has been putting out in the last year.  Rick Remender and the revolving art teams have been building up to this big story, which will have huge ramifications for our favorite mutants. Don’t miss this book!

Amazing Spider-Man # 661 – Spidey guest-lectures at Avengers Academy! Featuring guest-writer Christos Gage, and artist Reilly Brown! Plus, the FF, Psycho Man, Giant Man, and so many more. This has all the ingredients for a fun Spidey story, and it’ll be interesting to see the original teen superhero working with the most troublesome teen team in the Marvel Universe.

Avengers # 13 – Brian Michael Bendis teams up with artist Chris Bachalo for this Fear Itself tie-in…and the beginning of a roster change. Nobody does better tie-in books to these big events like Bendis, so expect this to sync up very smoothly with the main Fear Itself title, and expect to be blown away by Bachalo’s gorgeous art. And how about that great Alan Davis cover?!

Liar’s Kiss GN – This new OGN from Top Shelf is something I’ve been looking forward to for some time now. You can’t go wrong with a noir murder mystery. Written by Eric Skillman and gorgeous art by Jhomar Soriano, this could be the best book of the week in my eyes.

That’s it for now, expect some reviews later this week!


Loikamania Episode 025 – Speechless

This week, Pat and special guest Adam Witt talk about Hickman’s Fantastic Four, Remender’s Uncanny X-Force, and Brett Lewis and JP Leon’s masterpiece, The Wintermen. They also spend some time talking about Eric Powell’s recent video manifesto, and Kevin Smith’s recent behavior. Music by Doomtree’s Cecil Otter!
loikamania 25