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Loikamania 249.3 – Parting Words Part 9

Episode 249-3
The penultimate episode of the Loikamania podcast! Pat runs into more friends and former guests as he makes his way out of the podcasting world. They catch up, and offer Pat some advice on what he should do next.

Cover designed and illustrated by Chris Maze.

Featuring Tini Howard (@TiniHoward), Mike Furth (@TheComicArchive), Lauren Sankovitch (@PancakeLady), Skottie Young (@SkottieYoung), Tim Loika, Meredith Placko (@MPlacko), Megan Porch (@FlightOfMagpie) and Ed Brubaker (@Brubaker).

Loikamania 174: 2013 in Review


Back from the holidays! Join Pat, Albert, Ernie and Meredith as we talk about the big stories from 2013. The news, the controversies, the talking points…we go through it all. Join us as we look back to last year for the last time and welcome the new year in this brand new episode of Loikamania!

Cover art by Chip Zdarsky and design by Chris Maze. Music by the Revengineers and the Walkmen.

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Loikamania 164: Goodbye, Breaking Bad


This week, Pat is joined by Paul Montgomery, Ernie Estrella and Meredith Placko as we celebrate the end of Breaking Bad. We relive the last eight episodes of the show and give our thoughts on the ending of the series.  We also go over some of our favorite characters and moments from the rest of the show. A fun and spirited discussion, so check it out!

Music by Dave Porter and Badfinger. Cover designed by Chris Maze.

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