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Loikamania 246: Jordie Bellaire and Declan Shalvey

Episode 246 DeclanShalveyJordieBellaire

Declan and Jordie make their triumphant return…and final appearance on the show! We catch up and talk about their work, how their collaborations come to fruition, and how far they’ve both come since their first appearances on the show. We also discuss the importance of proper credit in comics, and what their future plans are. Another fun show with a pair of Pat’s favorite guests, so check it out!

Cover art illustrated by Declan Shalvey, colored by Jordie Bellaire, design by Chris Maze.

Declan on twitter: @declanshalvey
Jordie on twitter: @whoajordie

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Loikamania 201: Declan Shalvey


Episode 201 Declan ShalveyThis week on Loikamania: an update from Pat on what’s going on, including a quick Dragon*Con report, followed by the return of one of our favorite guests, Declan Shalvey! We chat up his phenomenal run on Moon Knight, and talk about what’s coming next. We also talk about INJECTION, his new project with Warren Ellis. Plus, we catch up on some of the topics we had talked about previously, including what spurred him into doing more creator-owned work. Another great show, so check it out!

Music by the Revengineers and Feist! Cover art by Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire, design by Chris Maze!
Declan’s Twitter: @declanshalvey

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Loikamania 159: Ming Doyle

Episode159_MingDoyleThis week, Pat chats with artist Ming Doyle! We talk about breaking into the comics biz in the internet age, crafting your own illustrative style, and her works on books like Fantastic Four and Mara. We also get into her process and working digitally, and collaborating with Jordie Bellaire. Plus, we talk Hot Toys. Yes. HOT TOYS!

Music by the Revengineers and Metric. Cover art designed by Chris Maze, photo by Pat.

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Loikamania 091: Jordie Bellaire

This week, Pat talks to colorist Jordie Bellaire! We talk about her beginnings in the industry, some process stuff, including her approach to coloring scenes and the importance of using color for storytelling. We talk about her projects, and answer some listener questions! A fun show so check it out!

Music by Steve Earnhart and Nouvelle Vague. Cover illustration by Ramon Perez and Jordie Bellaire, cover design by Chris Maze.

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