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Loikamania 248.3 – Parting Words Part 6

Episode 248-3
The end is near, and Pat starts to make his way out of the world of podcasting. As he leaves that world behind, he encounters familiar voices, including former guests, friends and others. You’ll never know who Pat runs into as he makes his way out!

Cover designed and illustrated by Chris Maze.

Featuring Mahmud Asrar (@MahmudAsrar), Chris Maze (@MazeHimself), Christos Gage (@ChristosGage), Dave Marquez (@DaveMarquez), Ryan Stegman (@RyanStegman) and Jason Aaron (@JasonAaron).

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Loikamania 229: Dave Marquez

Episode 229 Dave Marquez

This week, Dave Marquez returns to chat about the end of his run on Miles Morales’ book, and shares his thoughts on working on this ground-breaking character. We chat about his upcoming run on Invincible Iron Man with Brian Michael Bendis. We also talk about some process, conventions and so much more.

Another fun show, so give it a listen!

Loikamania theme by The Revengineers.

Cover art by Dave Marquez and Matt Wilson, design by Chris Maze.

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Loikamania 178: The Joyners


This week on Loikamania, Pat is joined by the creative team behind the upcoming graphic novel, The Joyners in 3-D: RJ Ryan, Dave Marquez and Tara Rhymes! We talk about the impetus behind this 3-D graphic novel, the influences that led to its creation, and even talk some process! A revealing chat about the creation of one of the most unique comic experiences you will read this year.

Music by The Revengineers and Jimmy Eat World, cover design by Chris Maze, illustrated by Dave Marquez.

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Loikamania 090: Dave Marquez

This week, Pat is joined by artist Dave Marquez! While Dave is currently making a name for himself illustrating Ultimate Spider-Man for Marvel, he had quite a long journey to get to this point. We talk about how he broke into the biz, some storytelling and process talk, and we learn more about his recent trip to Marvel for a storytelling boot camp. Plus, we answer some listener questions!

Music by Steve Earnhart and the Mountain Goats! Cover image illustrated by David Marquez, cover design by Chris Maze.

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