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Loikamania 248.3 – Parting Words Part 6

Episode 248-3
The end is near, and Pat starts to make his way out of the world of podcasting. As he leaves that world behind, he encounters familiar voices, including former guests, friends and others. You’ll never know who Pat runs into as he makes his way out!

Cover designed and illustrated by Chris Maze.

Featuring Mahmud Asrar (@MahmudAsrar), Chris Maze (@MazeHimself), Christos Gage (@ChristosGage), Dave Marquez (@DaveMarquez), Ryan Stegman (@RyanStegman) and Jason Aaron (@JasonAaron).

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Loikamania 112: End of an Era

As the final issues of Ed Brubaker’s Captain America, Matt Fraction’s Iron Man, Jonathan Hickman’s FF, and Kieron Gillen’s Uncanny X-Men and Journey Into Mystery hits the stands, Pat and Antonio talk about their favorite moments from this amazing era of Marvel Comics history. We delve into the aforementioned runs, as well as Rick Remender’s Uncanny X-Force, Brian Bendis’ Avengers and so much more. We discuss what makes these runs so special, and we even go through some listener comments. Be warned: there are HEAVY SPOILERS.

Plus, we take a quick look at what’s coming next in Marvel NOW, and get into which books excite us the most!

Music by Steve Earnhart and The Mountain Goats.

Cover art by Ed McGuinness, design by Chris Maze.

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Loikamania 081: Cobra Commentary


This week, in another brand new episode of Loikamania, we try something different. We’re doing a commentary track to the highly acclaimed GI Joe: Cobra vol. 1. I am joined by the book’s writers, Christos Gage and Mike Costa, who shared some behind the scenes info on the making of the book, including stuff that never made it into print! This is a must-listen for process junkies and GI Joe fans alike!

Featuring music from Alan Silvestri’s GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra score, and No Knife’s The Spy.

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Loikamania 041 – Getting Academic with Christos Gage

This week, Pat and Adam chat with writer Christos Gage. We go over his career, from his Law and Order SVU writing days to the Captain America video game, and almost every comic in between. A fun chat with one of the nicest guys in comics. Music by Steve Earnhart and Explosions in the Sky.

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Quick Reviews for 5/18


X-23 # 10
Writer: Marjorie M Liu
Artist: Sana Takeda
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Cover Art: Kalman Andrasofszky

In this issue, Laura and Gambit travel to Paris to figure things out, and are joined by two familiar faces.

While I’ve always liked Ms. Liu’s work, something about this particular issue really clicked, particularly the way she handles Gambit. You see, I was never a huge fan of the character, but she’s made him likable. The issue is full of great character moments, particularly the conversations between Laura and the guest stars. Also enjoyed the little moments, like Jubilee’s excitement to see Gambit (as a fan of the Blue & Gold team era, that was great). Of course, it’s always fun to see Wolverine’s former sidekicks bonding, so the last sequence with Laura and Jubilee hanging out was fun, and then there’s the cliffhanger, which was pretty damned strong. Strong enough to make me want the next issue right now!

Sana Takeda does all the art in the issue, and she’s really coming into her own. A far cry from her Ms. Marvel days, Takeda is so much better, a lot more confident with her linework and using a beautiful color palette. Her storytelling, her layouts are so much better, and while I think this is her best work to date, I think we’re in for more amazing work from her in the months to come.

Props also go out to Clayton Cowles for his great sense of page design, keeping the many wordballoons easy to read and uncluttered.

Finally, Kalman’s cover is phenomenal, especially since it reflects what’s going to happen in the book itself.
X-23 has been a strong read since it started, especially during the ‘Collision’ crossover with Daken. Marjorie Liu has made the character her own, and she shows you the potential that the titular character is capable of. Pick this book up, be surprised, and enjoy.

Avengers Academy # 14
Writer: Christos Gage
Penciller: Sean Chen
Inker: Scott Hanna
Colorist: Jeromy Cox
Letterer: Joe Caramagna
Cover art: Billy Tan

The kids are aching to prove themselves, and they get their chance…against the Sinister Six.

Christos Gage is a writer whose work I will always try out, because he does a lot of things right. This title may be his crowning achievement in the Marvel universe, because of how well defined these characters have become in just a year of publication. Every character has their own voice, and everyone stands out. Seeing these characters pitted against some of the most well-known super-villains in comics was an event in itself, and it went exactly the way it should have. The aftermath of the battle is probably the most important part of the story, as Giant-Man decides to enact some changes. Definitely an issue you shouldn’t miss.

The art team is comprised of industry veterans Sean Chen, Scott Hanna and Jeromy Cox. The trio work really well together. Chen’s crisp, clean linework meshes well with Hanna’s inking style, and Cox’s palette. A particular page that I loved was the big reveal of the Sinister Six, and they looked every bit as menacing as they should. The expression on Reptil’s face on the same page shows you how dire the situation had become. Joe Caramagna keeps everything together, keeping the book easy to read amidst all the action going on in the page.

Avengers Academy has always been one of Marvel’s best books, and with good reason. It features a great cast of characters, and amazing storytelling. This book is a sure bet each and every month, and it’s never too late to give it a try. Pick this up!