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Loikamania 247.1 – Parting Words Part 1

Episode 247-1

The end is near, and Pat starts to make his way out of the world of podcasting. As he leaves that world behind, he encounters familiar voices, including former guests, friends and others. You’ll never know who Pat runs into as he makes his way out!

Cover design and illustration by Chris Maze.

Featuring: Derek Coward (@derekcoward), Chris Neseman (@cneseman), Brion Salazar (@brionsalazar), David Price (@davidaprice), Vince B (@vincebon), Jason Wood (@jaybwood), Ali Colluccio (@wonderali), Angela Paman (@acomicbookgirl), Jon Stump (@jmstump), Cameron Rice (@jurassicalien), Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) and Aubrey Sitterson (@aubreysitterson).

Pat on twitter: @patloika
Pat on Instagram: @patloika

Loikamania 049 – The big SDCC aftermath episode!

The episode so big, it’s almost three hours long! Featuring a plethora of guests, including Chris Maze! Newsarama’s Albert Ching! Buzzfocus’ Ernie Estrella! Brian Lipsitz of the Graphically Speaking podcast! Ali Colluccio of the Invisible Jetcast and Comics Roundtable! Listen as we reminisce and talk about the highs and lows of SDCC, the crowds, the lines, the swag…we talk about all of it in this week’s Loikamania.
Music by Steve Earnhart and the Talking Heads!

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Loikamania 049 - The big SDCC aftermath episode!