Loikamania 123: Garage Art Studios!


This week, Pat is joined by Tony Fleecs, Chris Moreno and Tone Rodriguez, collectively known as Garage Art Studios! We talk about the studio life, and all its advantages. We get into travelling for conventions and sketching at shows, weird sketch requests, and talk about the stuff they’re into as well! A really fun chat with a group of talented artists.

NOTE: We encountered some audio issues while recording, so apologies for some parts sounding bad. It was a fun conversation and I really didn’t want to cut anything out. So again, apologies!

Music by the Revengineers and The Wu-Tang Clan. Cover design by Chris Maze.

Chris’ website: http://chrismoreno.deviantart.com/
Chris on twitter: @ChrisMoreno121
Tone’s website: http://www.tonerod.com/
Tony’s website: http://tonyfleecs.blogspot.com/
Tony on twitter: @TonyFleecs

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