Loikamania 205: Remembering the Bendis Board

Episode 205 Remembering the Bendis Board

Join Pat and many, many friends as they talk about the end of the Bendis Board, their online home for many years. They go over some highlights, some of the board’s more famous members, and so much more. We celebrate what made it such a great community during its time.

Thanks, Brian, and thank you, Jinxworld!

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Loikamania 204: Skottie Young

Episode 204 Skottie YoungThis week on Loikamania, we have the long-awaited return of multiple time Eisner award winning creator, Skottie Young! We chat about what he’s been up to since the last time he was on the show, including some reflections on his time working on the Oz books, the Marvel baby variant covers, Magneto, and of course, Rocket Raccoon! We also talk some movies, and other fun stuff. A great show, so check it out!

Cover art by Skottie Young, design by Chris Maze. Music by The Revengineers and MF Doom.

Skottie on twitter: @skottieyoung
Skottie’s website: skottieyoung.com

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Loikamania 203: Michael Kingston

Episode 203 Michael Kingston

This week on Loikamania, Pat chats with HEADLOCKED creator Michael Kingston. We talk about the crossover appeal of superhero comics and pro wrestling fans, pro wrestling comics, pro wrestlers getting creative, and so much more! A fun chat, so give it a listen.

The Headlocked website: http://www.headlockedcomic.com/
The Kickstarter.
On twitter: @headlockedcomic

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Loikamania 202: Aubrey Sitterson

loikamania202coverThis week on Loikamania, the return of Aubrey Sitterson! We catch up on his numerous projects, including the WORTH graphic novel, and his new webcomic, KING MAUL. We also talk podcasting, and of course, pro-wrestling. A really fun chat, so check it out!

Cover art by by Zak Kinsella, design by Chris Maze. Music by the Revengineers and Amon Amarth.

Aubrey’s website: aubreysitterson.com
Aubrey on twitter: @aubreysitterson
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Loikamania 201: Declan Shalvey


Episode 201 Declan ShalveyThis week on Loikamania: an update from Pat on what’s going on, including a quick Dragon*Con report, followed by the return of one of our favorite guests, Declan Shalvey! We chat up his phenomenal run on Moon Knight, and talk about what’s coming next. We also talk about INJECTION, his new project with Warren Ellis. Plus, we catch up on some of the topics we had talked about previously, including what spurred him into doing more creator-owned work. Another great show, so check it out!

Music by the Revengineers and Feist! Cover art by Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire, design by Chris Maze!
Declan’s Twitter: @declanshalvey
Website: http://dshalv.blogspot.com/

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Loikamania 200 with your host, Brian Bendis!

Episode200 Bendis HostsTo celebrate episode 200, Brian Bendis takes over the reins of the podcast to chat with Pat about conventions, life, creating, and a host of other topics.

A big thank you to everyone who has supported the podcast over the years, from all the listeners, sponsors, to the guests, and all the friends who kept us going. Thank you for all the love.

Music by the Revengineers and Weezer. Cover designed by Chris Maze.

Brian’s twitter: @BrianMBendis
Brian’s tumblr: brianmichaelbendis.tumblr.com

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Loikamania 199: Guardians of the Galaxy Review

Episode199_GotG ReviewThis week, Pat is joined by Tini Howard and Chris Troy as we talk about the Guardians of the Galaxy movie! We talk about our favorite bits, the story, the performances, and of course, the soundtrack! Does this movie beat Pat’s vaunted Avengers streak? Find out here!

Cover art designed by Chris Maze and illustrated by Matt Ferguson.

Chris on twitter: @theANARChris

Tini on twitter: @TiniHoward
Tini’s tumblr: http://tinihoward.tumblr.com/

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Emma Frost Premium Format Statue (AKA, take my money, Sideshow!)


“Of course I’m a threat. Why? Did you think for a moment that I wasn’t?”

Sideshow Collectibles is now offering this gorgeous Emma Frost Premium Format Figure.  This beautifully sculpted in 1:4 scale statue includes a Hellfire Club themed base, interchangeable portraits with long and short hairstyles and piercing blue eyes that reveal even more than her scant attire.

I was fortunate enough to see this piece in person at SDCC, and it’s a gorgeous sculpt. Needless to say, I’ve already pre-ordered this piece. You can order it here: http://bit.ly/buyemmafrost

Loikamania: Ed Brubaker on Velvet

BONUS_Ed Brubaker on VelvetThis week on Loikamania, Pat takes a break! But we have a show anyway, thanks to listener Alex Chung. We have for you a special Q and A session with writer Ed Brubaker, hosted by Devin Faraci focusing on VELVET. Learn more about the inspirations behind the book, working with Steve Epting and Bettie Breitweiser, plus some questions from the audience. A fantastic listen for fans of the writer, so check it out!

Cover art by Steve Epting, design by Chris Maze.

Ed’s twitter – @brubaker

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Loikamania 198: The Comic-Con Post Show

Episode198_SDCC14 Post-ShowThis week, Pat is rejoined by Albert Ching and Ernie Estrella as we recap the recently concluded Comic-Con 2014! We talk about the big announcements that preceded the show, and the ones made during the con. We go over some of the highlights, the issues, and our own personal moments in this exciting trip down memory lane.

Music by The Revengineers and Wheat, cover design by Chris Maze.

Albert on twitter: @albertxii
Comic Book Resources

Ernie on twitter: @ErnieEstrella
Creator Owned: The Documentary

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